Nature's Pearl brand is about wellness and specializes in and puts great emphasis on dietary supplements and other products made from Muscadine Grape extracts that promote anti-aging and overall wellness.  We have products ranging from anti-aging to high performance skin care, hair growth, energy shot to weight loss.  

All our products are certified toxic-free ingredients, which removes toxins from your body. They meet and exceed safety requirements of the California Safe Cosmetics Act.

What makes Nature's Pearl brand stands out above others, is the Muscadine ingredient in our products.



Youngevity has been in business for over 18 years and has over 20 brands and 500 products under its umbrella. In 2016, it acquired the Nature's Pearl brand.  It specializes in health, also products ranging from Nutrition and Health, Home and Family, Specialty Food and Beverages, Spa and Beauty (anti-aging), Apparel and Jewellery.

Youngevity believes that true health and wellness are only possible if they radiate from a solid, fundamentally-sound centre. With the human body's system being complex and multi-dimensional, the existence of a core group of nutrients has the greatest influence in support of vibrant and flourishing health. These essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids--which is called "90 Essential Nutrients" are at the very centre of our commitment to improving lives through technologically advanced, high-quality nutrition.