The Health Effects/Benefits of Muscadine

Nature's Pearl processed Muscadine products give the consumer the medicinal benefit of the Muscadine. 


Muscadine Grapes and the phytochemicals in juices, wines, pomace, dried Muscadine powder and Muscadine seeds or extracts help the body repair itself. These grapes contain over 100 antioxidants that help repair, restore and protect our cells. They are good for your heart and blood pressure vessels and good for the internal organs as well as the digestive system, good for joints, immune system, brain and connective tissue. They also provide dietary protection against: Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Inflammation, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure and revitalizes and support Sexual and Prostate Health.

It has been estimated that each cell in our bodies make special enzymes (antioxidants) to seek out and neutralize free radicals reducing the amount of damage our bodies suffer as we age. Unfortunately, the older we get the fewer of these enzymes our bodies produce. Another way to battle free radicals is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants or take supplements like Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed Supplement.    This compact ingredient full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants has the ability to prolong aging, improve upon one’s heart functions and health, has the ability to reduce and maintain cholesterol levels and one’s blood pressure.

These grapes are clinically tested and proven by Nature’s Pearl that Muscadine seeds and skin extracts are known to slow growth of cancer in patients with seven different types of cancer:  Human Lung Cancer Cell, Human Prostate, Human Breast, Human Brain, Human Skin, Human Leukemia and the Colon Cancer cells.

Other benefits include: improved memory, enhanced energy levels, eliminates acne, and many more. This ultimately shows that Nature’s Pearl focuses on health concerns, and this has been achieved through the use of a single fruit.

Longevity is considered the cherished dream of most people as no one wants to die.